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About Us

A 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization started in 1999, LVISDEF donations fund innovative teaching projects and services to staff and students. This additional support is even more essential after the State did not renew ASATR in 2016, resulting in a loss of 10+% of the District's funding (see more)

Our Bylaws can be found here

The following was funded in 2018: 

PSAT test fees for all 9th and 10th graders, an Employee Assistance program, microscopes, a sound system, Book Club Library, a laminator and a TruTouch display.

EIN: 74:2898886

Upcoming Events

The 2019 Mail Fundraiser to start our MAJOR endowment fund.  Mailed out mid-March.

1st Annual Steak in Education Dinner - tickets go on sale in May


Past Events

The 2/15/19 Foundation Beer and Wine Tasting was a Huge Success – Thank you Lago Vista for the incredible support you gave us. A big thank you to:

Katherine Fields of Café Italiana for providing the venue and the tasting of delicious wines and beers 

Texas Ovens ( for the great pizzas  

Kaye Pasa Trio ( for the music

The Leos for helping throughout.

And everyone who donated and helped.

The Board



     Jerrell Roque          Board of Trustees      Laura Alcorta        Fund Disbursement Chair
     Christy Staller        Parent        Dottie deRoulac   At Large
     Darren Webb          Superintendent      Judy Devore          Treasurer

      Judy Eagle             President

      Paula Fisher          Fundraising Chair

      Phyllis Jordan       Vice President

The Board is comprised of three permanent representatives of the District and four to seventeen elected members of the community. The elected Board members serve two year staggered terms with elections every November. Following the annual election, the Board chooses officers to serve one-year terms.

Regular meetings of the Board are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm in Viking Hall. Occasionally, circumstances necessitate a change in date or time.

2019 Donors

2019 Friends of the LVISD Education Foundation

Laura & Jose Alcorta
Barbara & Jack Alford
Anita Burke
Matt & Tami Carlton
Deborah & Michael Denehy
Michael Foskey
Kim Gentry
Jacklyn & Floyd Goodwin
Adrienne & Stormy Johnson
James Linton
Susan Nilsson-Weiskott
Merilea & Norman Pannell
Paul Roberts
Patricia & Theodore Rosen
Dorothy & Thomas Rugel
Cheryl Smith
Glynda & Joe Wolverton
Helen & Milton Wright


Donations may be made by check, PayPal or use of a credit or debit card when you see us at events.


Or, sign up through Amazon Smile and a portion of Amazon purchases will be donated to LVISDEF. 

Mail your check payable to:

 LVISDEF, PO Box 4085, Lago Vista, TX 78645

All donations are tax deductible.  If you wish to make a donation restricted for a specific purpose, please contact us at

Contact Us

Mail to:  LVISDEF

               PO Box 4085

              Lago Vista, TX 78645

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