BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED - Do you have what it takes to be a Board Member?

We are looking for community members willing to give a 2 year commitment and have

  • Dedication and commitment

  • The ability to lead and influence others

  • Impartiality and candor

  • Knowledge and the ability to learn

  • Discretion and confidentiality


  • PASSION for improving education in Lago Vista ISD.

Education- It's not just about reading, writing, and math.  It's about observation, analysis, asking questions, and solving problems.  It's about listening, understanding, and engaging in discussion.  It's about making decisions and learning from mistakes.  It's about utilizing strengths and weaknesses.  It's about passion and a belief in oneself.

LVISDEF gives our educators the tools to build this framework in our students.  Help give the children of this community the opportunity to succeed in life.

Community Success Starts with US

Committee Volunteer Needs

Membership - help recruit, manage and mobilize volunteers for the Education Foundation.  Activities include advertising awareness, running membership drives and filling volunteer needs.

Fundraising - help define, organize and drive fundraising activities for the Education Foundation.  Past activities have included letter campaigns, Souper Bowl Spread Raffle and Steak in Education dinner. Help us build and manage a portfolio of activities to obtain the funds needed for our educators.  

Social Media/Marketing - help define, create and execute social media campaigns to support the initiatives of the Education Foundation.   Build and manage our online presence.

Fund Distribution - help identify, grant and celebrate the disbursement of funds to the education professionals at Lago Vista ISD.